Greg Kishbaugh has been an editor/publisher for 25 years. He won the the Ray Bradbury Fiction Writing Award and his work has appeared in several anthologies, as well as reknowned horror magazine Cemetery Dance. He is a Consulting Editor for Evileye Books, overseeing manuscript development of new series and standalone books for the publisher, which specializes in horror and speculative fiction. He is also the editor of the Burning Maiden anthology series produced by Evileye.

Rafael Nieves is a 20 year indy comics veteran. He has written for such diverse companies as Marvel, Epic, Moonstone Books, Caliber, Slave Labor Graphics, Transfuzion Publishing and Eureka, on titles like Hellstorm, Prince of Lies; The Phantom; Tales from the Heart; Vampire: The Masquerade; Mr. Moto and The Apocalypse Plan. With artist Dan Dougherty, he has created and self-publishes Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown. Nieves is one of the founders of Moonstone Books, and is co-founder of Transfuzion Publishing. Outside the comics industry, Nieves has written games and cartoons for Big Idea (Veggie Tales), Nickelodeon, the American Dental Association, and Bayer.


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